Even the most regular patients of cosmetologists would like to avoid injections and painful sensations. For such cases, we at Skin Clinic Jc Group have a trump card – non-injection mesotherapy.
This is a rejuvenating and healing manipulation for the face and scalp. It implies an effect on the deeper layers of the dermis, so it may well compete with traditional “beauty injections”. In this case, the patient does not feel pain in the process.
The essence of the procedure is a therapeutic effect on the deep layers of the skin. The task is to enrich them with useful substances that the dermis lacks.
Special cocktails of vitamins, peptides and hyaluronic acid are injected into the face. Only in the non-injection technique, not a syringe is used for this, but a spermatic apparatus – stamping, which is a conductor of meso-cocktails – medicinal compounds.
After a session without injections, there is no hematoma or irritation, and recovery is much faster than after injections.

So, Nano Drop helps to cope with the following problems:

Dry and loose skin;

Fine wrinkles and loss of skin tone;

Puffiness (bags) under the eyes;


Enlarged pores;

Light cellulite;

Scars, stretch marks;

Preparation for aggressive cosmetic procedures (eg laser peeling).


Pregnancy period.

Infectious diseases.

Inflammatory processes on the skin.