Complex of procedures to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth


Scalp regeneration


Air Jet

Scalp regeneration

The 3-step procedure includes:

1. Ultrasonic scalp peeling

2. Detoxification (removal of excess sebum from the scalp)

3. Serum injection

Indications for the procedure:


Delayed hair growth;

Increased fat content;


Itchy scalp.




Acute infectious diseases;

Mental illness;


The presence of cracks, wounds, inflammation and other damage on the scalp.

Air Jet for hair

Air Jet is a new treatment used for the complex treatment of alopecia.
Mechanism of action: a cocktail is injected into the scalp using a special nozzle under high pressure. Once in the tissues, the cocktail stimulates hair growth, contributes to their health and strengthening.
Since the active substance is delivered under high pressure, micro-ruptures occur in the tissues of the scalp. This stimulates the renewal (regeneration) of the skin, which also has a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair.





Acute infectious diseases;

Chronic dermatoses in the stage of exacerbation in the area of the procedure;

Malignant neoplasms in the area of the procedure;

Diabetes mellitus, severe stage.

After the procedure:

At the site of the procedure, papules, hematomas, edema that go away on their own.

Care advice:

Do not wash your hair during the day

Do not visit the bathhouse, sauna, do not take a hot bath and hot shower for three days.

Mesotherapy of the scalp

Mesoroll-Therapy is a relatively new method in cosmetology, aimed at improving the scalp, which allows you to achieve excellent results.
Mechanism of action:
The procedure is carried out using a mesoscooter.
Here are the main areas of influence:

Thin needles located on the roller literally pierce the skin, leaving microscopic holes in it. And these holes serve as a kind of channels through which the delivery of active substances of the selected drug is carried out. So, it has been proven that with the usual use of the compositions (that is, when applied to the skin and rubbing) into the deep layers of the epidermis, no more than 3-6% of the active components penetrates. The mesoscooter increases skin permeability up to 60-80%, which makes the use of special formulations several times more effective.

The mesoscooter can significantly improve blood circulation in the treated area. And this is extremely important both for the epidermis and for the growth and improvement of the condition of the hair. If blood circulation and blood supply improve, then, accordingly, tissues will begin to receive much more nutrients, useful and simply necessary substances, as well as oxygen. This stimulation is especially beneficial for the hair follicles. They literally wake up and start to work harder and better. As a result, the hair begins to grow and strengthens, its structure is normalized.

This device also allows you to act on the thinnest nerve endings, which to some extent also affect the work of both hair follicles and epidermal cells.


hair loss, local or total alopecia of various etiologies;

deterioration of hair condition, violation of their structure, fragility, split ends, excessive dryness;

expansion of pores, increased production of sebum;

dry skin and dandruff on the scalp.


Skin diseases in the stage of exacerbation (eczema, psoriasis, etc.) in the area of intended impact.

Damage to the epidermis: scratches, cuts, burns, abrasions, etc .;

Individual intolerance to the individual components of the drug used;

Exacerbation of any chronic disease.

Acute infectious diseases.

Oncological diseases.



Mental illness.

Recommendations for scalp care after the procedure:

Active sports activities are not recommended for 7 days after the procedure.

Do not wear hats that are tight to the site of the procedure (after the mesoroll therapy in the scalp).

Do not wash your hair for 2 days after the procedure.