Innovative Detox bubble care

Detox bubble care is a deep detoxification procedure for the facial skin. From the timely removal of toxins, the skin acquires a natural healthy color, becomes more elastic and elastic.

Mechanism of action:

Small oxygen bubbles, penetrating into the skin, rid it of impurities and improve microcirculation. It also minimizes redness, removes excess oiliness, and controls the sebaceous glands.
The procedure is carried out at any time of the year, regardless of the season.


cleansing and narrowing clogged pores

smoothing fine wrinkles

dry and aging skin

reduction of acne

strengthening of skin capillaries

reduction of sebum


skin diseases


acute infectious diseases

the presence of an exacerbation in the area of the proposed treatment

Recommendations for care after the procedure:

do not visit the bathhouse, sauna during the week

do not use scrubs for a week

apply sunscreen for a week