DERMATOX (Meso Botox)

Dermatox – This is a special technique for injecting botulinum toxin with a very delicate effect. It effectively smoothes fine wrinkles caused by the first age-related changes, restoring the beauty and health of the skin.
What effects can be achieved with the procedure?

This technique has a complex effect on the skin:

smoothes fine wrinkles in the areas around the eyes, in the corners of the lips, etc .;

returns a smooth, natural relief;

smoothes surface wrinkles;

provides general health improvement: skin tightening, pore reduction, normalization of fat secretion, improvement of blood circulation, etc.
The effect after dermatox lasts up to 8 months. If necessary, supportive procedures are carried out to maintain the achieved effect for a long time.
The technique is recommended for young women as a delicate method for eliminating fine wrinkles.

How does dermatox work?

During the aesthetic procedure, low concentration botulinum toxin is injected using the mesotherapy technique. The mesobotox method involves a large number of shallow intradermal injections.
The injected drug does not affect the entire muscle, but only individual muscle fibers woven into the skin structure. This allows you to maintain the mobility of the facial muscles in general, limiting only the activity of the distal portion of the muscle fiber in the place where it is connected to the skin. Thus, while maintaining natural facial expressions, we prevent the formation of fine wrinkles and folds on the skin, and smooth out superficial facial wrinkles.
Before administration, the drug itself is diluted as usual with saline, in some cases it can be supplemented with a cocktail that enriches the skin with vitamins and has other therapeutic effects.


Wrinkles in the forehead;

“geographic” relief of the neckline, neck, skin of the face oval;

wrinkles on the bridge of the nose;

wrinkles between the eyebrows;

wrinkles above the upper lip;

crow’s feet at the outer corners of the eye.


the inflammatory process at the site of the proposed injection;

acute phase of infectious diseases, increased body temperature;

pregnancy, breastfeeding;

hypersensitivity (allergy) to the drug;

high degree of myopia (more than 6 diopters, if myopia is caused by relaxation of the eye muscles).