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Derma Shine PRO

Apparatus mesotherapy is a therapeutic and rejuvenating injection procedure that does not require surgical intervention. It consists in the introduction of special drugs directly into problem areas.

The procedure is carried out using an apparatus with a built-in nozzle with needles on the surface, which allows more accurate and even distribution of the injected serum (preparation) inside the skin, which stimulate the regeneration of collagen and elastin, increase the antioxidant protection of the hyperpigmented skin area.

Indications for use:

Elimination of small, mesh and reduction of expression and age wrinkles.

Improving skin color.

Dry, sagging skin of the hands.

Reduction of rosacea.



CO2 - laser

Mechanism of action: The complex effect of a carbon dioxide beam on the problem sites, without affecting the adjacent areas of healthy skin.

Indications for use:

Various benign skin neoplasms




Molluscum contagiosum

Angiomas, nevi

Pigmented spots of various etiology.


A unique apparatus mechanism of action, which is aimed at the reproduction of collagen and elastin fibers, destroys small vascular formations and areas of hyperpigmentation

A powerful pulse of light is delivered to the skin and travels over the selected area, while the movement is accompanied by light flashes. Light waves are absorbed by specific target cells, which are heated and destroyed.

Depending on the light length, one or another target cell (hemoglobin, melanin, a transverse layer of collagen fibers, hair) is affected.

Indications for use:

Age-related changes on the face (wrinkles)

Acne, post-acne

Enlarged pores

Capillary networks (rosacea, rosacea)

Pigmented spots, freckles

«Air Jet»

Air Jet is a non-invasive and non-injection system that generates high pressure energy and sprays non-ionized solutions (over 500 kDa) into the dermal layer.

As soon as high pressure compressed air is injected with the solutions, the collagen production process begins and the desired lifting effect can be seen.

Indications for use:

Allows to restore the skin painlessly

Will keep your youth for a long time

New way of drug administration

Protects delicate skin

Fractional laser

A feature of the fractional laser is the point effect of laser radiation on the skin and the risk of epidermis burns is reduced to a minimum, this is achieved by dividing the beam into microbeams, which, falling on the skin, form a mesh, in between the skin remains intact.

Under the influence of laser radiation, the cells of the surface layers of the skin are evaporated. As a result of this effect, the process of restoration and synthesis of collagen begins in the skin, which continues for several months after the procedure of laser skin correction. The depth of ablation of the surface layers of the skin depends on the settings of the device.

Indications for use:


Aging skin



Stretch marks

Elimination of enlarged pores

Ultraformer (SMAS) Lifting

SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system) is a system of facial muscle layers coated with elastin and collagen. Simply put, it is the skeleton of the face that gives it a fresh and toned look.

With age, the SMAS support function weakens and the facial contour "floats". Ultraformer helps to restore the contour of the face.

How does he work?

Directional ultrasound waves cause coagulation damage to tissues with a subsequent contraction and decrease in SMAS volumes, activate collagen production, and also cause the death of some target cells, which is an effective method of destroying adipocytes.

The thermocoagulation zone is selected as clearly as possible and completely controlled. Usually it has the shape of an inverted cone up to 0.55 mm wide and 0.65-1.20 mm high. 90% of all ultrasound energy is concentrated in this area, and the surrounding tissues remain intact.