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Derma W Dr. Innoderm Whitening Whitening Cream

Skin pigmentation is one of the skin problems caused by an excessive increase in the level of melanin in the basal layer and dermis. According to recent studies, melasma is not only a big problem in middle-aged women, but also occurs in young women at the age of 25 or after childbirth due to hormonal disorders.
If skin pigmentation is not treated early, it tends to spread, darken and become more difficult to treat.

Derma W Dr. Innoderm is very effective in lightening blemishes, giving an even skin tone, improving the smoothness and feeling noticeable changes on your skin.


- Derma-W Whitening Cream is a combination of niacinamide and arbutin, the most professional whitening agent available today. Helps soothe, moisturize and regenerate the epidermis of the skin for a vibrant, fair complexion and lightening blemishes and freckles.

- Superior healing support for laser skin repair, treatment of melasma, breakdown of melanin under the skin, color evening, skin restructuring and effective skin tightening.

- Niacinamide has a whitening effect, inhibits subcutaneous melanin and a skin antioxidant. Helps the skin to prevent unwanted wrinkles, maintains the health of your skin.

- Arbutin: Whitening, reducing exposure to ultraviolet rays, especially on skin exposed to sunlight due to the active activity of melanocytes. Even skin tone, quick removal of brown spots accumulated on the skin, anti-aging effect, prevention of free radicals, skin rejuvenation.

Derma W cream with a combination of active ingredients specifically designed for the treatment of melasma is ideal for areas affected by pigmentation. Recognized as effective by the leading clinics in South Korea.