Organic Cosmetic

Serums from the brand of professional care products dr. Innoderm Innoblanc series

Volume: 50 ml.

- Does your skin get dry regardless of the season?
- Frequent skin inflammation and irritation?
- Dull complexion and loss of skin elasticity?

Inoblanc serums are essential for daily skin and neck care.
There are 4 types of serums:

- Rejuvenating Serum with Guaiazulene
- Serum with Guaiazulene for clarification
- Serum with Guaiazulene for deep nutrition hydration
- Serum with Guaiazulene Anti-Acne for problem and sensitive skin

The entire Innoblanc series is organically rich, with the main ingredient being Guizulen.

What is Guaiazulene ?

Guaiazulene is a natural herbal ingredient derived from chamomile. It has a natural bright blue tint. Guaiazulene is very useful and used in a wide variety of medicine. In cosmetology, it has a calming and antiseptic effect on the skin. Which is beneficial when used on irritated, inflamed and tanned skin.

Soothes, Cools, Regenerates.

lso the serums include:

Organic Guisulen Serum - Activates your youth with a natural antioxidant complex. The serum also helps to improve complexion, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, and reduce irritation and inflammation on the skin surface.
The product contains Guaiazulene (thanks to which the serum becomes blue) - has antioxidant properties that can protect the skin from premature aging, deeply moisturizes the skin and increases its elasticity and elasticity, has a soothing effect, relieves inflammation, reduces redness, irritation, and also has a healing effect, helps to reduce scar tissue and eliminate flaking, as well as reduce skin sensitivity.

The effect of using serums:

• deep moisturizing,
• activation of collagen fibers,
• the skin is firmer and more elastic,
• reduction of the depth of wrinkles,
• antioxidant effect,
• slowing down the aging process,
• reduction of redness and skin irritation,
• strengthening the walls of blood vessels,
• starts the processes of skin cell regeneration,
• decreased sensitivity,
• even tone.
• Anti-acne
• prevents breakouts (acne, acne, etc.)

How to use:

warm a couple of drops of the serum between your fingers and apply on toned face skin and distribute, then apply your caring cream.

The brand of professional care products dr.Innoderm Innoblanc series is officially approved by the international KDRI certification and the EWG Green Level organization confirming the organic origin of the products.