Organic Cosmetic

Innoblanc Guaiazulene Ampoule Mask Pack

- Guaiazulene quickly and effectively relieves skin irritation, acts as an antioxidant, fights free radicals - aging factors, and has a moisturizing effect.
- Hypoallergenic formula

Due to its composition, the mask does not cause irritation and discomfort, it is suitable even for the most sensitive skin.
- The mask is made of a special material that ensures a snug fit to the skin and stays moist for a long time. Promotes deeper and faster penetration of active ingredients into skin cells.

Mode of application:

STEP 1: Thoroughly wash and rub your face with tonic.
STEP 2: Spread the mask evenly over the entire face.
STEP 3: Leave for 15-20 minutes.
STEP 4: Remove the mask and massage in the rest of the essence until completely absorbed.