Organic Cosmetic

Sunscreen, Photomax Cream SPF50 + PA +++ from the professional brand Dr. Innoderm

Sunscreen with outstanding benefits from Dr. Innoderm offers a unique product such as UVA and UVB duplication prevention, protecting the skin more intensely than ever. In addition, the product can and should be used after any cosmetic or invasive procedure.

Photomax is a sunscreen with SPF 50+ PA +++ that helps protect skin from sun damage. The cream is waterproof, does not wash off when sweating or in contact with water, therefore it is great for outdoor activities, as well as for sports.

Photomax is a waterproof sunscreen that won't wash off when you sweat, making it perfect for outdoor activities as well as sports. Helps protect skin from UV rays through excellent UV blocking UVA and UVB duplication effect.

• The special composition of titanium oxide in the sunscreen product, gives the perfect tone and smooth skin surface. This compound does not penetrate the skin, but is evenly distributed over the skin, therefore contributes to a high sun protection ability, effectively scatters UV rays.
• With SPF50 + PA +++ sun protection factor, it is a product with strong UV protection and also helps reduce skin irritation.
• It acts as a gentle make-up base and is a sunscreen product that maximally protects the skin from UV exposure.
• Contains softening active ingredients, smoothes wrinkles on the skin, effectively regulates excess oil on the skin.

Volume: 50ml