Laser mesotherapy is a complex effect on the skin that combines the effects of administered active substances with the stimulating effect of a laser beam.
Laser skin resurfacing is a deep peeling in which the top layer of the skin is removed with a laser. The procedure provokes increased production of collagen and elastin, has a pronounced anti-aging effect. After resurfacing, the skin becomes firm and firm.
Mesotherapy is one of the best ways to take care of the beauty and health of the skin at once, so this procedure has no age restrictions. The peptide complex used in the procedure includes MGF peptides, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid. A rich complex that acts on the skin: MGF peptides – rejuvenating, niacinamide – brightening, hyaluronic acid – deeply moisturizing.
Laser mesotherapy is painless, leaves minimal trauma to the skin and has a significantly short rehabilitation period due to the healing properties of the meso cocktail.
The procedure combines 2 procedures: fractional laser resurfacing + peptide complex of mesotherapy. Double impact – double effect.

improvement of blood circulation in the skin;

equalization of tone and improvement of color;

lifting and relief improvement;

reducing the depth of wrinkles;

ightening of superficial hyperpigmentation;



Small, deep wrinkles.

Enlarged pores, uneven surface of the face.

Reduced turgor (elasticity) of the skin.

Рубцы (постакне, послеоперационные);

Scars (post-acne, postoperative).

Stretch marks (stretch marks).

Dark spots.


Inflammatory and infectious processes in the area of the proposed treatment.

Psoriasis, eczema and other skin diseases in the acute stage.

Oncological diseases.


Recommendations for skin care after the procedure:

The recovery period is from 3 to 7 days (hyperemia, edema, small crusts, peeling should pass).

Avoid skin contact with direct sunlight for two months. Before going outside, use a sunscreen (SPF at least 40!).

During the healing period, do not visit the bath, solarium, sauna for one month. Also, active sports for two weeks are not recommended.

Do not use scrubs and peels for two weeks. Cleansing the skin should be very gentle; it should be done without soaking or removing peeling. After hygiene procedures, moisturizing and regenerating creams should be used.

Do not wear medical masks and clothing tightly fitting to the sites of the procedure.