Organic Cosmetic

Milk for sensitive skin 1000ml

Dr. Innoderm Sensitive Milk is designed to care for dry and sensitive skin. The formula contains softening components that gently remove cosmetics from the skin of the face and eyes, nourish the skin, leaving a feeling of tenderness and comfort.

Milk for make-up remover is a universal cosmetic product in texture that resembles a liquid cream of white or translucent color, the main purpose of which is to gently cleanse the skin of the face, eyes and lips. Make-up remover milk is an excellent cleansing option for owners of dry, normal and sensitive skin. And although on the shelves you can find milk for all skin types and almost all age categories: from oily and combination to especially sensitive and mature, owners of oily skin are not recommended to abuse milk.

• Delicate formula that gently cleans the face from sweat, dirt and make-up in comparison with aggressive soap or ordinary water;
• Replenishment of the water balance of the skin;
• Light peeling - milk dissolves not only dirt, but also keratinized skin scales;

Immediate effect: the skin is soft and hydrated. After use, day after day, the skin becomes soft, softer and more beautiful. A delicate floral scent will allow you to enjoy your skin care.
Active ingredients: Camellia chinese leaf extract, Asiatic centella extract.