Organic Cosmetic


The gel provides sufficient moisture for dry and tired skin, maintains hydration balance and helps revitalize the skin.

Also soothes irritated, dry skin and makes it supple.

A universal gel with guaysulene (chamomile extract) will relieve irritation, soothe and refresh the skin, fill it with moisture, prevent flaking, give a healthy look, and provide gentle skin care for the whole family. The product can be used: As a moisturizing face cream for daily care in the morning and evening; As a soothing and healing agent for skin after sunburn, for damaged skin (depending on the nature of the wound, in case of serious injuries and various skin diseases, consult a doctor before use);

As a moisturizer (day or night) for face, body, hands. Keeps the skin fresh, hydrated and elastic, protects against negative environmental influences (sun, wind, temperature changes, etc.).


Green tea, Virginia, Aloe vera, chamomile extract, rose extract