Organic Cosmetic

Dr. Innoderm Aloe Vera Gel (1000 ml)

Aloe vera gel is one of the indispensable home skin care products. This wonderful plant has been known for its healing properties and rich functionality.

Aloe gel is used instead of face and body cream, as a hair mask, after epilation, under makeup, instead of hand and nail cream, after sunbathing. It is a universal super remedy for the whole family.

Aloe leaves contain more than two hundred useful substances:

Phytoncides - biologically active substances that inhibit the growth and development of bacteria
Enzymes - proteins that speed up various reactions in the human body
Tannins - have astringent properties, reduce swelling, regulate excessive sebum production
Vitamins - nourish and regenerate skin
Minerals - saturates with essential trace elements
Essential amino acids - participate in collagen synthesis, neutralize the action of free radicals.
Such a rich composition has a beneficial effect on the epidermis: it disinfects, soothes, relieves inflammation and heals small wounds. Aloe gel is highly regarded for its powerful moisturizing and rejuvenating properties. It can be applied not only to the body, the plant extract is widely used in hair cosmetics.