Organic Cosmetic

Cushion Yu.R Design

Cushion is a tonal foundation that conceals skin imperfections and at the same time has caring properties, moisturizes and soothes the skin. Cushion is similar to BB and CC creams, only it has a lighter texture and is more convenient to use like a compact powder.

Cushion is a foundation innovation. Yu.R Moist Layer Cushion is 50% essence. It is a multifunctional product that simultaneously conceals skin imperfections (inflammation, redness, uneven skin tone and texture) and has caring properties, moisturizes, soothes the skin and fights against age-related skin changes, preventing the appearance of new wrinkles.

Coshion Yu.R Design has three fields:

1. Beige coating protects the skin from UV radiation, moisturizes and softens. Controls the production of excess sebum and keeps the skin fresh for 24 hours.

2. White essence contains 7 berry extracts, evens skin tone, leaving it bright and radiant. 50% of the essence in the composition of the product has an anti-aging effect and makes the skin healthy and rested.

3. Liquid essence provides a natural radiant finish. Thanks to the essence, the product is easy to apply and provides comfort to wear.

The set includes a sponge. The cushion is applied to the sponge by pressing, the layers are mixed together, and the product is applied to the skin. It is recommended to wash the sponge at least once a week or more often for owners of oily skin.

Yu.R Moist Layer cushion has a waterproof effect - it does not melt or flow on the skin, regardless of the ambient temperature, and retains coverage, even when swimming in the pool.
• Thanks to the presence of sun protection filters, Yu.R Design Cushion Foundation provides reliable protection from rays of type A and B.
• SPF "Sun protection factor" is the protective power of the product against medium waves of solar radiation (UVB rays). Cushon Yu.R has a maximum SPF of 50+.
• PA - designation of the ability of the cream to block long waves of solar radiation (UVA rays). Cushon Yu.R has the highest PA +++ value.


1 Apply to face as a final step in skin care;

2 To protect skin from sun damage, reapply every two hours when outdoors. And every 40 minutes on contact with water (sweating or swimming).